Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Election Day-Top 10 Reasons to Vote for MMP

1. More choice for voters: one ballot, two votes. With MMP, you cast a vote for your local candidate AND another vote for your preferred political party.
2. More power to voters: everyone matters. Even if you don’t elect someone in your riding, your party vote will still help elect at-large candidates. Every party will compete for your vote no matter where you live.
3. More options for voters. Voters will be able to consider the larger established parties, as usual, but also a number of smaller, newer, innovative parties.
4. Fairer results in elections. Parties will get only the seats and power they deserve – no more, no less.
5. Stronger representation. With both riding representatives and at-large representatives, voters will be able to call on more than one elected official in their region for assistance.
6. More diverse representation. Parties will learn that they attract more votes by nominating a diverse list of at-large candidates – including a good balance of women and men, and visible minorities.
7. More accountability to voters. Every voter helps elect someone, which strengthens accountability, and majority governments can only be formed by those representing the majority.
8. Better government and less concentration of powerParties will be forced to negotiate and compromise, usually by forming coalition governments, which tempers the power of the premier and party leaders.
9. Citizens’ Assembly recommended MMP. MMP is recommended by the independent Ontario Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform, a body of 103 randomly chosen voters who studied and deliberated for eight months on the best voting system for Ontario.
10. Old guard doesn’t like it. The MMP system empowers voters and gives us more choice, fairer results and stronger representation – not what the old boys club wants, but what all Ontarians deserve.

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