Thursday, October 11, 2007

The final numbers

What was needed
To review, the result of the referendum would have been binding if the chosen electoral system (FPTP or MMP) was selected in :
(a) At least 60% of all the valid referendum ballots cast; and
(b) more than 50% of the valid referendum ballots cast in each of at least 64 electoral districts.
According to the results, FPTP was approved by 63.2% of the voters. 36.9% of the voters chose MMP. FPTP was approved of by 50%+1 votes in 102 of the 107 ridings.
Where MMP did well
A strong membership and volunteer base in downtown Toronto is reflected in the results:
Trinity-Spadina: 59.2%
Davenport: 56.7%
Toronto-Danforth: 55.1%
Parkdale-High Park: 54.5%
Beaches - East York: 50.1%
MMP in Ottawa
MMP was approved of in the 7 Ottawa area ridings by the following amounts:
Carleton-Mississippi Mills: 29.5%
Nepean-Carleton: 31.5%
Ottawa Centre: 47.9%
Ottawa-Orleans: 29.9%
Ottawa South: 34.2%
Ottawa-Vanier: 38.9%
Ottawa West-Nepean: 33.2%
I think people in the North thought MMP would mean less influence for them. How about a referendum on Northern Ontario separation?
Nipissing: 27.1%
Sault Ste. Marie: 26.2%
Timmins-James Bay: 22.7%

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